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The Forty-First Anniversary of National Smile Month will start in mid-May, 2017. It has become the most effective reminder of Good Oral Health for children and adults. Today, only 6% of adults have no natural teeth of their own - a vast improvement since the inception of this educational program. Surveys abound, confirming that a person’s “smile” is at the TOP of the list for things first noticed when meeting a new person. Yet, according to data collected for National Smile Month, 48% of the population is unhappy with their teeth. The most frequent reason given is that they are discolored. Sometimes, teeth are simply discolored from habits like drinking coffee and tea or smoking tobacco. But large metal fillings also give the appearance of discoloration because tooth structure is somewhat translucent and, on average, each adult has 7 of them in their mouth. Ironically, a crown (also called a cap) placed during early adulthood might also appear too light to match teeth that have darkened over time.

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Pending realities such as adults with untreated tooth decay (31%) and adults that have opted to have a tooth removed (74%), rather than treated, also compromise the functional value of teeth when properly chewing food. Teeth don’t fix themselves nor do they grow back. Situations like these are fixed with a Smile Makeover when the patient and dentist collaborate on the results desired. They discuss the possibilities that will improve their smile, in front of the computer screen. Technology today allows patients to view the potential outcome. It may involve replacing worn silver fillings with modern, tooth-colored material, or reshape worn down teeth with tooth-colored crowns that are the shape and length of a youthful individual. Sometimes, all it takes is a professional tooth whitening of the entire dental arch, used at home.

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