Your Comfort

Relax Throughout Your Treatments with IV Sedation
For some patients, a dental appointment can be a difficult experience. Shots, drills, and treatments create anxiety for the dentally anxious. At our office, we relieve all your worry and fear and make treatments easy for you with sedation dentistry. Our practice is one of the few in the state that is qualified to administer IV sedation. 

IV sedation will provide you with the highest level of sedation and with the quickest time to take effect. It allows us to have more control over the level of your sedation, which is a big advantage over simply taking a pill. With this method, most people won't remember their procedure and time seems to fly by. An hour appointment will literally seem like two minutes. The medication is administered directly into the bloodstream, producing deep sedation and an unawareness of the procedure. The level of sedation is very accurate and safe, and you'll have no memory of your visit. The technique can be used for long appointments that involve more extensive dental work, as well as to alleviate the concerns of fearful patients. 

It is our goal to have you comfortable and relaxed throughout your treatment.

Call our office at (773) 582-0035 to determine how sedation dentistry can make your dental visit comfortable and relaxed.